Content production is never the same – no two projects require the same resources, concepts, strategies, subjects, settings or proposal. Mix that in with crazy timelines, interesting characters, and constantly evolving platforms, and you discover what makes content production such challenging and rewarding work. From coordinating all editorial production for Style Africa’s inaugural issue and producing my very first shopping pages at Edgars Club Magazine, all the way to content management for the Relive AFI Cape Town Fashion Week 2019 series, it’s been an unpredictable thrill. One worth repeating, no matter how much sleep I lose.

Content producer for Relive AFI Cape Town Fashion Week 2019 series

As part of the Stylista/OnLife Group team, I ran content production on a large bouquet of Instagram and YouTube video deliverables from AFI’s marketing team for AFI Cape Town Fashion Week 2019. It was AFI’s biggest and most continental Cape Town Fashion Week yet, held alongside the Conde Nast Luxury Conference — a mini marathon of a project.

Content producer for Miss Black Winter 2019

Another Stylista/OnLife Group project. Miss Black tasked us with the lookbook video and photoshoot for their Winter 2019 collection. It was a fun project, one I pitched, coordinated & styled.

[Disclaimer: I am not a stylist — they are otherworldly beings — so it feels strange to say this was the third time I’ve keyed on a project. I spent some time as a fashion assistant, a junior styling and production role, so for me it’s a back pocket skill for very small projects. I look forward to developing it with a focus on product still lifes.]

Candidate profiling for Superbalist 100 2016

Someone had to comb through all those public submissions for this awesome initiative celebrating South Africa’s young entrepreneurs, and as project directives would have it, that someone was me. 2 spreadsheets, one Google slides preso, and many a late night was spent clearing out old rounds of candidates and loading new ones for consideration, as well as assisting with profile uploads and handling other ad hoc jobs after launch. By the end, I was as invested in seeing someone awesome win as the UK is in that weird Love Island thing they’re doing right now.

Content producer for Monday Mixtapes Vol. 78 (Kay Faith) for The Way of Us

The Way of Us‘ popular Monday Mixtapes was a staple series that needed some shaking up during my time there, so I tested an ambitious new format that would include a podcast style, inside-the-process interview, alongside the playlist curated by our featured music industry personality. Sound Engineer Kay Faith gave a great interview, which I edited & published after coordinating the experiment.