Web, magazine, and newspaper features are why I began writing. Certain writers – Vanessa Friedman, Robin Givhan, Matthew Schneier, Leandra Medine, Marjon Carlos, many others – just seem to understand that there is, in fact, some meat on fashion’s bones, substance and story to enjoy if you’re willing to find it. I work hard to join their ranks because I believe in what this work can do. Below, the fruit, in the form of fashion & beauty features, shopping listicles, show reviews, youth/pop culture essays, news posts, and more.

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Life & Fashion — Spree.co.za Column (now offline)

When someone offers you the chance to become Carrie Bradshaw, you don’t say no. But I did, as the timing wasn’t great (read: could not possibly be worse) when Marieke Merts asked me to write a regular column for Spree’s blog, The Thread. Thankfully when the timing was better 3 months later, I lucked out when she asked again. I loved writing this so much, first with Marieke as editor and then with Daniël Geldenhuys, and I was truly sad to see it go with the merger. Not just because I was given almost free reign, but because they both cared so much and that care was wonderful to work with. As it is no longer online in original format, I have archived PDFs right here.

Fashion & Beauty

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Why sustainability departments are old-fashioned – Twyg Magazine, March 2020

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Twindividuals – Superbalist, July 2016

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Dorm Days – Superbalist, January 2017 (Styled by me!)

SAFW Superlatives – Superbalist, April 2017

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Styling notes 3 – Superbalist, June 2017

Style Intersection – Superbalist, June 2017

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Save vs Spend: Velvet – Superbalist, May 2017

Monday Mixtapes Vol.111: Obasi Shaw – Superbalist, June 2017

Assorted features – Style Africa, 2014 – 2015

5 Tips for your best summer skin ever – Woolworths, SS18

Walk this way – Woolworths, AW18

How to style: The polo neck – Woolworths, AW18

(Pop) Culture

Long Live Enthusiasm – Best blog, April 2020

In defence of neutrality – Elle South Africa, August 2017

Newtubers – Superbalist, November 2016

Fezile Mkhize: The Good Doctor – Stylista, February 2019

Tech + Lifestyle

Texture Talking – Superbalist, June 2016

Hack your life – Elle South Africa, 2017

Beyond Human – Elle South Africa, August 2017

Is Huawei Ready for Luxury? – The Luxe Digest, March 2017

Event coverage

Betting on the Sun MET – The Luxe Digest, March 2017

African First – The Lake, May 2018