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Rebecca Scher’s BEST is a young jewellery brand with a warm heart that’s all about women at their best, as is their blog. Beginning this series a few weeks into South Africa’s hard lock down was challenging, with everyone feeling so many of the same confusing emotions but experiencing them so differently. It was also rewarding, to hear that people felt seen by these essays and said so, contributing to the bond BEST is forming with its growing community.

Life & Fashion — Spree.co.za Column (now offline)

When someone offers you the chance to become Carrie Bradshaw, you don’t say no. But I did, as the timing wasn’t great (read: could not possibly be worse) when Marieke Merts asked me to write a regular column for Spree’s blog, The Thread. Thankfully when the timing was better 3 months later, I lucked out when she asked again. I loved writing this so much, first with Marieke as editor and then with Daniël Geldenhuys, and I was truly sad to see it go with the merger. Not just because I was given almost free reign, but because they both cared so much and that care was wonderful to work with. As it is no longer online in original format, I have archived PDFs right here.


Everything else, for everyone else, below:


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