I put my hand up at every opportunity to come up with names and copy for fashion editorials and shopping pages in Edgars Club Magazine while I was a fashion assistant there. There wasn’t much need for it when I moved to Superbalist (I started out a catalogue style assistant and moved to the blog; product/brand copywriting was a separate function), but by producing our hard-sell ‘Snack’ tier blog content (and becoming a Twitter addict), I honed the ability to be succinct when it was needed. It came in handy when Woolworths’ Head of Content for Fashion, Beauty & Home offered me one of the best jobs I have ever had. Our 3-month copywriting contract turned into 11, and I had the time of my life working on email, radio, app, digital display, and the Fashion/Beauty/Home web pages. Links to a few email samples are at the bottom of the page.

Woolworths – Email, radio, app, web & more across fashion, beauty & homeware

E-commerce banners, seasonal brand lookbooks, in-store ticketing, newsletters, blog posts and radio scripts to lure you to the beauty festival – I got to do a wide variety of fashion, beauty, & home copywriting at Woolworths, and I’m glad I could use & develop this skill in such a great environment. It was sometimes challenging, often fun and always rewarding to work on their revered & beloved brands.

Note: I need to say that Woolworths’ Fashion, Beauty & Home marketing creative team is the best team ever. I learned so much from them, I watched them lipsync for their lives, and if the brief required it, I would help them watch paint dry and/or promote mud. Really would.


Concept for Woolworths Black Friday 2018 Campaign

I was paired with a great art director (hi Angie!) for the 2018 Black Friday campaign. We came up with the idea to use slow-shutter light drawing (which later became neon type) for “Give Back Friday,” the messaging strategy promoting Black Friday deals alongside the launch of the Woolies One Small Spoon initiative.


WVTER – Accompanying copy for fine art photography project by Imraan Christian & Yonela Makoba

wvter imraan christian photography vogue italia
Wvter | Imraan Christian, Vogue Italia

What do you do when your best friend asks you to write some words to support the stunning photoseries she styled, in case she needs copy for a gallery show? You wax poetic – earnestly so – about the nature of water and its relationship with rebirth. You then proceed to squeal like a baby when the project (shot by Imraan Christian) is featured in Vogue Italia’s Photovogue gallery. A poem was the first piece of writing I was ever awarded/recognised for (a gold medal at a national student convention back in my early high school days) and  I don’t often get to write prose or poetry in my work, so this was a treat.