Modupe oloruntoba fashion writer at south african fashion week
Photography by Uyapo Ketogetswe


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I’m a writer & creative content consultant, creating value for fashion & beauty brands by helping them use content to connect with consumers, build community, leverage culture and create meaningful conversation.

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to discuss opportunities/projects, commission some work, or just to talk about fashion. I’m a big fan.

After graduating as a fashion designer in 2013, I took a peek at fashion media and never left – content stuck. I’ve since been published in Vogue Arabia, Refinery29, Man Repeller, GQ South Africa, and more, and worked at Oliver & MORE, Superbalist, Woolworths South Africa, and Media24. That’s included a cover profile on Jidenna that dives into his vision of a Pan African future; radio, web and email copywriting for beauty festivals and retailers’ private label brands; and a column entry questioning why stylists aren’t a bigger part of the sustainability conversation.

I have now spent 7 years mining content from the meaning I have always found in the fashion experience and have developed a complementary understanding of digital publishing along the way. Whatever your fashion, beauty, or culture project, let’s discuss how you can use content to make more than a sale.

For a closer look at previous experience, find me on LinkedIn or email to ask for my CV.

Everywhere else on the internet, I’m @Drivingmsdupsie – Instagram and Medium. Don’t be a stranger?

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